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Log splitter offers a full line of chain saws to choose from. We offer chain saws for the home owner use up to commercial use. We carry several brands including Tanaka chain saws and Earthquake chain saws. We also carry different styles including electric chain saws, gas chain saws and pole saws. Buy now and save big on all chain saws!

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Why Buy from us?

LogSplitter.com has been offering quality log splitters since 1983. As a one stop shop for log splitters and accessories, we offer a full line of log splitters, firewood racks, chain saws, ash vacuums and more. You will only find the most convenient and highest quality log splitters on our website, because that is what we look for when selecting log splitters and related products for our product line. LogSplitter.com offers something for everyone - whether you split wood regularly or simply enjoy an occasional fire.

Great Log Splitters at Great Prices!

LogSplitter.com brings you a great selection of log splitters at prices that fit nearly all budgets. Please let us know if you find the same item at a lower price!

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