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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our products? Here's some common ones. Please click on the question that you would like to have answered. If your question is not on this list please call our customer support and we will help you with all of your needs.

General Product Questions:

Can I upgrade my 8 ton Log Splitter

8 Ton Manual Mini Splitters can be upgraded to an Air/Hydraulic Mini Splitter.

Do I need an external air regulator

There is no need for an external air regulator.

How does the Minisplitter work

The Mini Splitter works with a foot or hand operated hydraulic bottle jack. It forces the log against an adjustable razor sharp wedge therefore splitting the log in two. The stroke of the jack rasies 6 inches. In most cases because of the design of the wedge, the stroke will only need to raise 2 inches before the wood pops.

How long does it take to split a log with the Minisplitter?

Dry wood will pop, crack or fly out of the Mini Splitter in under 10 pumps. Wet, splintery wood will require more pumping. Recommended using on dry wood.

Can I order a Log Splitter Without a Jack?

We do not have the ability to sell the Log Splitter without the jack. However, some people do purchase the Log Splitter and remove and replace the jack themselves.

Is your jack made well?

A firm commitment to the highest quality and optimum safety makes the entire product line know for its quality and construction based on the conceopt of "easy use and safety". Features: Welded steel construction throughout - reduces metal fatigue allowing for a longer use life. Unique base forging method increases resistance to high pressure and gives a degree of durability and performance not found in any other comparable product. Can be used in upright, angle and horizontal position. Rust is prevented by the use of a special type of steel giving excellent durability characteristics. Casing, cylinder and base are joined by electric welding for greater strength and are leak proof. Needle valve allows for controlled lowering of the ram. Heat treated extension screw provides extra lift, extra strength.

Will I need to Sharpen my Wedge?

The wedge should never require sharpening because it never comes in contact with the platform slide. It slices through the wood and should remain sharp as long as it is not misused.

Prudct Sizes

Size: Splits logs up to: Weight:
16 Ton 19"x19" 47 lbs.
8 Ton 24"x24" 55 lbs.
12 Ton 24"x24" 75 lbs.

Purchases and Shipping Questions:

What is your return policy?

All items ordered from LogSplitter.Com can be returned within 30 days of receipt for a full refund less shipping. Postage must be prepaid to the destination of the returned item. Any returned items must be shipped to the address in your Instructional Manual, under Return Policy. The initial shipping costs will be deducted from the credited amount. All refunds will be credited back with-in 30 days from receiving the returned product. We reserve the right to refuse returns on abused or misused products.

Do You ship to Canada?

YES WE DO! However Duties, Goods and Services Tax are extra and are the responsibility of the receiver. Additional Shipping: 6 Ton $45.00 - 8 Ton $50.00 - 12 Ton $90.00

Do You ship to the United Kingdom?

Unfortuneatly we are unable to ship to the UK at this time.

Do You ship to the Alaska and Hawaii?

YES! Alaska & Hawaii orders will be shipped UPS. Additional Shipping Costs: 6 Ton $45.00, 8 Ton $50.00, 12 Ton $90.00

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